Want to find a group of Jesus' disciples who are committed to His work and mission? Desire to share mission with others and encourage each other as you walk this life of discipleship? Let's serve and honor Jesus... together!


What is Connect?

Connect is simply our name for small groups of people who gather together regularly for food, friendship, the study of the word of God, prayer and ministry together.

Why should I get into a small group?

Small group environments foster relationship, and relationships are vital to a healthy Christian life. When you are in a "need to know" moment of your life, your small group will be there to help you discover what God desires to teach you. When you have a "need to grow" moment in your life, your small group will stand with you and encourage you to trust God through it. We all need people to walk through life WITH us, and small groups help us to connect to those people.

How do I get involved in a Connect group?

  • Fill out a Connect card located in the back of the seats in the sanctuary or at the Information Table and drop it into one of the offering boxes. We will contact you to find out a little more about you and then give your name to one or several Connect leaders. Those leaders will contact you and give you a chance to interview them to see if that group is a good fit.
  • Sign up with one of the open groups at the Information Table at the back of the main sanctuary.
  • Accept an invitation from a friend to join their Connect group and see what it's all about.

Does the church have small group resources that my group can borrow?

A: Yes! All you need to do is submit the form on the right and we will contact you.