Meet Our Missionaries

The following missionaries receive direct support

Josiah Venture

Kevin and Daniela Dickson

The Dicksons are serving the Lord in the Eastern Czech Republic. Kevin and Daniela's main passion and ministry has been a program called EXIT Tours. This ministry is allowed in the Czech public high schools and offers practical lectures, concerts, and workshops as well as introducing young people to Biblical values and faith. Over the years they have reached out to thousands of students, including some in Poland. Students that commit their lives to Christ Jesus are referred to local churches for follow-up and discipling. Recently Kevin has accepted a position as the National Director of Outreach Ministries, which encompasses all of the “highways” used to share the Gospel with students: EXIT Tours, summer camps, music ministries, and sports clubs. He will be working with the leadership team to deepen their relationship with the 50+ church Pastors and Youth Pastors on a national level. Kevin and Daniela, have two girls- Anna and Ester.,,

Amoveo Ireland

Ben and Dorine Linn

After a recent trip to Dublin, Ireland, they are following up on God’s call to serve in the ministry there. They are new missionaries, but not new to Hilltop, having attended here prior to a job move to the Bay Area. Historically, Ireland has been a land closely associated with Christian tradition and faith. However, recent years have seen church attendance in decline while substance abuse and addiction are on the rise. They hope to minister in the inner city to turn these people and others back to God. Since confirming their full financial support, the family will undergo missionary training in Colorado, and will be moving to Dublin in early 2017. Ben and Dorine have four children- Rebecca, David, Maya and Ezekiel.

Shadow Mountain Community Church

Tim and Holly Nyquist

They are serving the Lord in Central Bolivia. Tim teaches at a local State University and a local seminary, and travels to conferences around the country. The teaching emphasis is on cultural worldview and origins, which includes creation studies. Holly is involved in women’s ministry and Bible studies. They use these venues to spread the word of the Gospel. They have two adult children (Jon and Ruth) who live in the United States.,

Wycliffe Bible Translators

Al and Annie Olsen

They have been with Wycliffe since 1987 on many assignments in many countries, and they are currently serving the Lord in Dallas, TX. Al was formally involved in the missions computer systems, and has lately been working in leadership and management training. The training is for new and current missionaries in language and culture learning, team building, children’s education, and personnel and cross-culture management, to mention a few areas. Annie works mostly with computers developing type design for minority scripts that have never had an alphabet. Then they can be used for the actual Bible translation into their native language. ,

One Life Africa

Andrew and Stephanie Onguka

They are serving the Lord near Nairobi, Kenya. Currently they are supporting about 130 of the brightest Christian high school students, enabling them to complete high school and a number of them continue on to college. Since High School in Kenya is fee-based, they might otherwise not be able to attend. In addition to educational scholarships, there is youth mentoring, impact youth camps, and leadership development. To enhance the outreach to the students, plans are in the works to construct a Student Leadership Center to provide facilities for the students between school sessions. Stephanie, a Medical Doctor, supports Andrew with the ministry, raises their three boys (Jonathan, Peter, and Boaz), and teaches at a local Medical College. Bridge Ministries directly supports the program costs for One Life Africa; and Hilltop provides the personal support for the Onguka’s through Serving In Mission (SIM)., SIM,,

One Challenge (OC International Ministries)

Daryl and Carolyn Platt

The Platts have been in the missions field in many countries for years, and are the parents of Linda Ply of Hilltop. OC empowers local church ministry in more than 100 countries around the world. Also, it is involved in missions mobilization, church planting and growth, education, leadership development, member care, partnering and bridge building, research, sports ministries, as well as business for transformation. Currently serving the Lord in Colorado Springs, CO, Daryl oversees about 20 Teams taking the Gospel to countries worldwide. Carolyn acts as Treasurer of these groups, reviewing their reports of expenses.,

Christian Education Society

Dick and Shirley Walker

Longtime missionaries, they are currently serving the Lord in British Columbia, Canada. Starting out in the 1960’s in Fort Saint James, Dick’s goal was to learn the Carrier Nation’s language, to produce literacy school books, and to translate the Bible. After many successes, including translating the entire New Testament and Psalms in two dialects, and reviving the Carrier language in schools, they moved to Williams Lake. They are presently involved in supporting local believers, and in developing Carrier Bible Studies, in written form and on CD’s. Presently they have completed 75 Bible studies. These are distributed by mail and to a local radio station for broadcast, to encourage present believers and to bring new believers to the Lord. They have three adult children (Tim, Brent and Rachael) currently serving the Lord in missions and churches.,

The following missionaries receive goods/services/prayer as per individual needs

Lamp of Grace Medical Mission

Chip and Rhome Nuttall

They “retired” approximately ten years ago to Rhome’s birthplace on the island of Pilar in the Central Philippines. Helping neighbors soon evolved into running a medical mission and outreach for the Gospel from their home serving about 11,000 people on the island. Most of the people are subsistent farmers and fisherman, who barely eke out a living, so paying for medical service is a problem. In addition to hosting Bible studies and the clinic from their home, they periodically offer free medical clinics around the island. Currently Hilltop is providing periodic shipments of needed medical supplies.,

Wycliffe Bible Translators (i.e. JAARS)

Zach and Mandy Osterloo

Currently serving the Lord in Bible translation through aviation in Indonesia. Zach is a small airplane pilot which provides air service for an array of ministries, government agencies, National Geographic magazine, and even medical evacuations. Their parents, Lyle and Jackie Osterloo, are active at Hilltop. Zach along with other pilots, are the “go-to” people for air transport service. Mandy works in a medical clinic and is involved in her own ministry. In addition, they are raising three girls- Isabelle, Ava and Elise.