Are you a man who desires to be part of something bigger than yourself? Something that will change your world and the world around you? That something is discipleship! Being a disciple of Jesus will radically change you, your family and the world around you. Are you man enough to try it?


Men's Bible Studies

Men's Bible studies are part of the process of discipleship. Bible study is meant to deepen your relationship with and your understanding of God and His ways. Let Him teach you what true discipleship is.

Spend Time in the word Every Day!

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Friday Morning Men:

Meet with Joel at 5:30am every Friday at the church. Room B-1

Kingdom Men/33 Series

Off for the Summer! See you in September!

Men's Events

There are lots of ways to keep apprised of Men's Ministry Events. Start by filling the contact form. Also you can "like" us on FB, just look for the Hilltop Community Church Men's Ministry. Ask for a men's brochure at the Men's kiosk at the back of the sanctuary or get one from the brochure racks in the hallway. Check in here at the Men's Ministry website page or look at the church calendar by logging in to your profile on The Community.

Upcoming Events:

Men's Dinner

When: June 30th @ 6:30pm

Where: B-1 at the church

Donation : $5.00

Men's Ministry (Family) Night at the Ball Field

When: July 14th @ 4:00pm

Where: Greater Nevada Field

Donation : $21.00 includes tickets and a bus ride to the game.

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Retreat 2016

Men's Retreat 2016



Roc'o shared an inspiring testimony about how God used his experiences in Vietnam to get his attention and give him a passion for God.

Worship and the Word

Worship and the Word

We worshiped together and shared time being challenged by the Word of God!

Great Food

Food was truly Blessed

The food was prepared by Karen and Natalie Hartman and was truly amazing.



Men enjoyed hiking and horseshoes and spent some time getting to know each other.


Men's Dinner


Eating Good Food!

Guys enjoyed some good food and conversation.


Encouragement in the Word

We also enjoyed some teaching. After all, it's not just about the food!


Car's BBQ's and Brothers


Famous People

Richard Petty joined us this year! (Not really, it's just David Sorenson)

Man Up

A Challenging Message

As usual, Virgil delivered a challenge from the Word of God to all of the men.


Beautiful Cars!

Dan's garage is full of them!


Men, Guns and Sporting Clays


Line 'em Up!

The time together was a 'blast"!


Take Aim!

You win some, you loose some!